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Santana 1980

Photo by Paul Natkin

Santana 1980


Shrieve, Areas, Carabello

Original Santana percussion section and 

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees; 

Michael Shrieve-Drums, "Chepito"-Timbales, Mike Carabello-Conga


On the cover of the Rolling Stone, 1972.

1972, Rolling Stone Cover


Santana III Line-up

Santana III, Line-up

Front: Michael Shrieve-Drums, "Chepito"-Timbales & Percussion, Carlos Santana-Guitar, Gregg Rolie-Organ & Lead Vocals

Rear: Mike Carabello-Congas, Neil Schon-Guitar, Dave Brown-Bass


Performing at the 1993 Bammies

Performing at the 1993 Bammies


Carlos circa 1984.

Carlos circa 1984


In action at the 1993 Bammies.

In action at the 1993 Bay Area Music Awards.


Early 1980s

Photo by Paul Natkin

Santana early 1980s


Santana I

Photo by Jim Marshall

In the studio recording Santana I, Dave Brown on bass in the background.


"Freedom" Tour

Photo from the "Freedom" tour.



View from the Woodstock stage.


"Lotus" tour

Photo from the "Lotus" tour.


Santana at Altamont

Santana at Altamont

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