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Mid Seventies

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Concert Poster

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Sustain: a signature Carlos technique

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Rare photos of John Mclaughlin and Carlos Santana in the studio during the "Love Devotion and Surrender" sessions.  Doug Raugh on bass is visible in the background.

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Back Cover of "Supernatural" without Printing

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Carlos Close Up

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Original Six

early original sixW.jpg (34365 bytes)

Original Six Black and White

Studio.jpg (37783 bytes)

In the studio recording Santana I, Dave Brown on bass in the background. Photo by Jim Marshall

Woodstock Stage.jpg (56676 bytes)

View from the Woodstock stage. Photo by Jim Marshall.

Altamont.jpg (36405 bytes)

At Altamont in 1971. Photo by Jim Marshall.

1993.jpg (18652 bytes)

Carlos in action, circa 1993.