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"Smooth", "Maria Maria" and "Put Your Lights On" all getting bigtime airplay.

Dedication: this web-site is inspired by the music of Santana and is dedicated to Santana fans world wide. 

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Since August 1, 1999


Carlos, early 90's

Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana "Master Class" guitarist and founder of Santana.   Santana's first album was released in 1969 and has since released many critically acclaimed albums including ABRAXAS, THE SWING OF DELIGHT, and SUPERNATURAL.  

Carlos has appeared as guest guitarist on dozens of albums with a wide variety of Rock, Blues and Jazz artists including; John McLaughlin, Eric Clapton, John Lee Hooker, Gato Barbieri, and Lauryn Hill.

Supernatural Grammy 

Nominations and Awards

42nd Annual Grammy Award Nominations


Category 1 - Record Of The Year
Award to the Artist and to the Producer(s), Recording Engineer(s) and/or Mixer(s) if other than the artist. This category is for a commercially released single, or track from a current year's album.

Santana Featuring Rob Thomas
Matt Serletic, producer; David Thoener, engineer/mixer
Track from: Supernatural
[Arista Records]

Carlos Santana and Rob Thomas

Santana and Rob Thomas performing SMOOTH on the Tonite Show


Category 2 - Album Of The Year
Award to the Artist(s), and to the Album Producer(s), Recording Engineer(s) and/or Mixer(s) if other than the artist.

Clive Davis, Jerry "Wonder" Duplessis, The Dust Brothers (John King & Michael Simpson), Alex Gonzales, Charles Goodan, Stephen M. Harris, Lauryn Hill, Art Hodge, Wyclef Jean, Fher Olvera, KC Porter, Dante Ross, Carlos Santana & Matt Serletic, producers; Tom Lord-Alge, Comissioner Gordon, Mike Couzi, Benny Faccone, Steve Farrone, Steve Fontano, David Frazer, Jim Gaines, John Gamble, Andy Grassi, John Karpowich, Glenn Kolotkin, Jeff Poe, Tony Prendatt, Anton Pukshansky, Warren Riker, Jim Scott, John Seymour, Matty Spindel, T-Ray, Chris Theis, David Thoener & Alvaro Villagra, engineers/mixers
[Arista Records]

Supernatural Cover Art  



Category 3 - Song Of The Year
A Songwriter(s) Award. A song is eligible if it was first released or if it first achieved prominence during the Eligibility Year. (Artist names appear in parentheses.) Singles or Tracks only.

Itaal Shur & Rob Thomas, songwriters (Santana Featuring Rob Thomas)
Track from: Supernatural
[Arista Records]

Santana and Thomas

Category 7 - Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal
For established duos or groups. Singles or Tracks only.

Maria Maria
Track from: Supernatural
[Arista Records]

Santana and the Product G & B on Hard Rock Live!

Santana and the Product G & B Performing MARIA MARIA on VH1's Hard Rock Live


Category 8 - Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals
For a collaborative performance by artists who do not normally perform together. Singles or Tracks only.
Note: Santana had two songs nominated in this category.

First nomination in category 8

Smooth (Grammy winner in this category)
Santana Featuring Rob Thomas
Track from: Supernatural
[Arista Records]  


Second nomination in category 8 

Love Of My Life
Santana Featuring Dave Matthews
Track from: Supernatural
[Arista Records]  

Santana and Matthews

Santana and Dave Matthews performing "Love of My Life" on VH1's Hard Rock Live.


Category 9 - Best Pop Instrumental Performance
For instrumental recordings, with or without vocal coloring, by an Orchestra, Group or Soloist. Singles or Tracks only.

El Farol
Track from: Supernatural
[Arista Records]  



Category 15 - Best Rock Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal
For Duos or Groups with vocals. Singles or Tracks only.

Put Your Lights On
Santana Featuring Everlast
Track from: Supernatural
[Arista Records]  

Santana and Everlast

Santana and Everlast performing the Grammy nominated "Put Your Lights On" on VH1's Hard Rock Live.


Category 18 - Best Rock Instrumental Performance
Includes Rock, Hard Rock and Metal Instrumentals. Singles or Tracks only.

The Calling
Santana Featuring Eric Clapton
Track from: Supernatural
[Arista Records]


Category 20 - Best Rock Album
For solo artists, duos or groups, vocal or instrumental. Includes Hard Rock and Metal. Compilation albums by various artists are not eligible. Award to the Artist and to the Producer(s), Recording Engineer(s) and/or Mixer(s) of 51% or more playing time of album.

Clive Davis & Carlos Santana, producers; Steve Fontano, engineer/mixer
[Arista Records]

Category 74 - Best Instrumental Composition
A Composer's Award for an original composition (not an adaptation) with or without lyrics, first released on a recording during the Eligibility Year. (Artist names appear in parentheses.) Singles or Tracks only.

El Farol
K.C. Porter & Carlos Santana, composers (Santana)
Track from: Supernatural
[Arista Records]  

Santana Appears in Ricky Martin TV Special 

NEW YORK - Bringing together two generations of chart-topping Latin musicians, pop sensation Ricky Martin performed with guitar great Carlos Santana and Jose Feliciano in a television which aired in November. 

Martin, "I'm going to be able to perform with's been a beautiful journey.  I'm really happy."  The special, was taped in New York in September of 1999, and aired on November 26th on CBS.

"Smooth" Lyrics

(I've received about a hundred requests for the lyrics to Smooth, here they are).


Man it's a hot one
Like seven inches from the midday sun
I hear your whisper and the words melt everyone
But you stay so cool
My Muñequita, my Spanish Harlem Mona Lisa
You're my reason for reason
The step in my groove

And if you said this life ain't good enough
I would give my world to lift you up
I could change my life to better suit your mood
Cause you're so smooth

And it's just like the ocean under the moon
Well that's the same as the emotion that I get from you
You got the kind of lovin' that could be so smooth
Give me your heart make it real
Or else forget about it

Well I'll tell you one thing
If you would leave it be a crying shame
In every breath and every word
I hear your name calling me out
Out from the barrio, you hear my rhythm on your radio
You feel the turning of the world so soft and slow
Turning you round and round

Music by Itaal Shur & Rob Thomas, Lyrics by Rob Thomas

Freedom Tour

Photo from The "Freedom" Tour



Santana and Rob Thomas Rock the Tonite Show with Jay Leno

Santana and Thomas

Carlos, Rob and bassist Benny Reitveld performing "Smooth" on The Tonite Show

Santana and Matchbox 20's Rob Thomas appeared on the Tonight Show Friday September 10th.  They were the last guests to appear and performed Smooth their smash hit from Santana's latest CD Supernatural. 

The band included Chester Thompson on keyboards, Benny Rietveld on Bass, Raul Rekow on Congas, Karl Perazzo on Timbales, Tony Lindsay on vocals, Rodney Holmes on Drums, Carlos on Guitar and Rob Thomas on lead vocals. 

The band was supported by a four piece brass section. 

Following the commercial break Carlos and Rob sat briefly with Jay who only had time to say thanks and good job.


Supernatural Sales

According to Billboard, Supernatural was the number one selling album on the internet, for the week of September 12, 1999.  Supernatural dropped from the number one spot after several weeks at the top but regained the number one spot  when the Grammy nominations were announced.

Arista Records has announced that Supernatural has attained Multi-Platinum record status with sales exceeding ten million units.


Santana Big at The Zone

The Zone

Santana's Smooth featuring Rob Thomas was the most requested song at the Zone, 100.5 FM in Sacramento for the much of the summer of 1999.   Check out The Zone's Home Page. 

Santana Featured on Hard Rock Live

Carlos on Hard Rock Live

Santana performing "Oye Como Va" on VH1's Hard Rock Live!

Santana was featured on VH1's Hard Rock Live which aired on VH1 at midnight on August 7th.  The band opened with the full version of Yaleo.  Dave Matthews and his drummer Carter Beauford then joined the band onstage to perform Love of My Life.  Next up was Everlast who performed, Put Your Lights On, followed by the Product G&B for Maria Maria.

The Santana band closed with a set which included Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen and Oye Como Va, with bassist Benny Rietveld playing an upright electric bass on the last tune.



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